Love Me Tender - National Tour

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We're now in the final week of the 'Love Me Tender' musical, which I've been on tour with since the end of May this year.

This is my first professional theatre tour, and has been a bit of a whirlwind, setting off within 3 days of finishing university. It's been a great experience and a fantastic opportunity to get straight out of university, I've learned a lot and had fun along the way.

The Shoddyssey - Outpost Theatre

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Earlier this month, Drakes Drummers Theatre Company approached me asking whether I would help them with the technical side of their play "The Shoddyssey" which was going to be performed at a temporary "pop-up" theatre at Royal William Yard in Plymouth.

This temporary "pop-up" theatre project, called Outpost was an experiment being run by the Barbican Theatre and New Model Theatre, as part of the Plymouth Theatre Scene.

Work Placement - Theatre Royal Plymouth

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I spent 2 weeks at the beginning of September working alongside Matt Hoyle in the Electrics Department at Theatre Royal Plymouth. This was a great experience and provided an excellent insight into the workings of a theatre on this scale.

During the 2 weeks I was there, 4 shows were taking place; Small War and The Angry Brigade in The Drum, and 1984 and Calamity Jane in The Lyric.

NYT Technical Training 2014

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For the past 2 weeks I have been in London, taking part in the National Youth Theatre (NYT)'s technical training course (Lighting and Sound).

The course covers the basics of Lighting, Sound and Video for theatre, and leads to National Youth Theatre Membership, and opportunities to work on their productions.

Spaces In-Between: Realisation and Installation

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As mentioned in this blog post, for the 2nd year Media Arts exhibition at University, I created an installation piece using digital projection onto fabric.

Spaces In-Between: Project Development

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As part of my university course, 1st and 2nd year Media Arts students are putting on an exhibition (Opening 6th May in the Scott Building). The exhibition is split into 4 sections, with the one I'm part of using the theme of "Subtext". For the exhibition I am working on a new piece of work; an installation using digital projection onto fabric scrim, and with the working title "Spaces In-Between".

Cardboard Box Digital Projector

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Whilst looking around for information on art projection and cheap projectors to try out some experiments, I came across this tutorial on Photojojo, to make a basic projector using a smartphone, shoebox and magnifying glass, so I thought I'd give it a go.

MTG's Jekyll & Hyde - Gallery

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Plymouth University Musical Theatre Group invited Jennifer Austin of Blue Cove Photography to photograph the Friday and Saturday night performances of Jekyll & Hyde.

Her photographs are available to view on Facebook:

Friday Night (from the wings)

Jekyll & Hyde Review - The Knowledge

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Plymouth University's Student Newspaper, "The Knowledge" have written an incredibly favourable review of Musical Theatre Group's "Jekyll & Hyde".

You can find the review here.

MTG Presents Jekyll & Hyde

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This year, Plymouth University Musical Theatre Group (for whom I am production manager) are putting on a production of Jekyll & Hyde The Musical.

The cast and orchestra have been rehearsing since January and the show is looking and sounding amazing. Set build is coming together and the crew are all working hard to pull it off. Lighting and sound are being prepared and it all looks like a fantastic show awaits!

We'd love for you to come along as see what we do! The show takes place from 12th to 15th March in the University Main Hall. Doors open at 7.30PM.